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Finnish forest grown, organic


from the purest nature

aBerry Bilberry organic super food drink is an exciting new way to refresh your body, mind and spirit. Each bottle contains the cold pressed juice of two hundred Finnish bilberries, naturally harvested organic oats and fresh-from-the-comb organic honey. Not just a tasty drink, aBerry gives you long lasting energy, not from caffeine or taurine but from a marvelous cocktail of natural nutrients which will go zinging through your body, For centuries, people have known about the life and health giving properties of their treasured bilberries.

Gathered on the long dreamy days of midsummer by hand from remote forests, fed by Finland’s vitamin rich soil, untouched by chemicals, watered by the cleanest rain, organic Finnish bilberries are both delicious and nutritious.

Grown far from the dangers of pollution, our bilberries are certified by the European Food Safety Authorities so you can be sure they are of the finest quality.

Bilberries are one of the most healthy and nutritious fruits in the world. They contain vitamin C and E, well known for its antioxidant properties. Also bilberries contain vitamin A and K. You’ll probably realize by now that these bilberries are a powerhouse of goodness for your body.

Owing to the wonderful untouched arctic soil in which they are grown, our hand harvested bilberries also contain valuable and naturally occurring minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Are bilberries (Vacinium Myrtillus) just like blueberries (Vacinum Corymbosum)? Not at all! They are a unique and delicious berry, smaller than a blueberry and unlike blueberries, which are commercially grown, they are harvested from the wild woods and fields of Nordic lands. Although similar to blueberries, they have a unique, tantalising flavor and are bursting with healthy vitamins and minerals to heal, repair and energise your body.

Our aBerry 100% organic drink is really a superfood, combining Finnish bilberries, oats, honey and of course crystal clear Finnish water to make a sensational drink which tastes wonderful and has amazing health giving properties.

Finnish GMO free organic

Whole grain Oats

grown under the midnight sun

aBerry uses only Finnish grown organic GMO free whole grain oats.

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Sweetened with organic


made by wild & free bees

Organic bee honey has higher health value than the cultivated bee honey produced by normal bee honey farmers.

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Low glycemic response

Low Glycemic response is another remarkable high advantage of the aBerry organic super food drink.

Today’s rising trend is people want food and beverages with low glycemic index to prevent obesity and diabetes. aBerry drinks has that low glycemic index to help keep hunger away and upkeep longer time energetic level. aBerry could be recommend as a substitute for dietary or weight loss program.

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